[gst-devel] Texture sharing between Qt QGLWidget and glupload element

Andrey Nechypurenko andreynech at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 29 23:08:23 CET 2009

Hi Julien,

Thank you very much for the quick response!

> You could try to make a minimal example and then I will try fix it.
I am already have such an example. Will send it to your gmail account 
in a couple of minutes.

> Finally we could add it to gst-plugins-gl/tests/examples
Sure. That would be great.

> Also look at the sdlshare example in gst-plugins-gl/tests/examples/sdl
I'll definitely do. Thanks for pointing out.


2009/10/29 Andrey Nechypurenko <andreynech at yahoo.com>

>Hi Folks,
>>I am trying to paint video produced by gstreamer on 3D surface within Qt QGLWidget derived window. I was following the example available by gstreamer-plugin-gl which illustrates how to share texture generated by gstreamer (cluttershare.c). However for some reasons I am getting just white surface instead of video. That is why I want to ask if anybody were trying to make something similar and can share the experience?
>>Since it is not pure Gstreamer-related question I did not provide more details about my implementation here, but would be glad to do it if necessary.
>>Thank you,
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