[gst-devel] how to determine fps of a camera pipeline

Zhao, Halley halley.zhao at intel.com
Fri Oct 30 10:08:57 CET 2009

My camera doesn't provide sets of fps, but could be queried to get frames of data.
So I think it is not a push source, then I add a capsfilter after it to set frame_rate.
gst-launch -v mycamsrc num-buffers=200 ! video/x-raw-yuv, framerate=10 ! tee name=t ! queue ! xvimagesink t. ! theoraenc ! oggmux ! filesink location=test.ogg
Is it the correct way?

However, I found the real fps doesn't match to 10 exactly.
Then I want to add a videorate after capsfilter to smooth it.


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