[gst-devel] how to cleanly re-install gstreamer? Help!!

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Tue Sep 8 18:23:34 CEST 2009

Sean McNamara wrote:
> Generally it's not a good idea to switch out a different version of
> the GStreamer core under the feet of installed plugins. When you do
> that, you should rebuild the plugins.
> I'm assuming you are on Linux since you use Synaptic Package Manager.
> You have two options to recover a working gstreamer installation:
> 1. Reinstall all gstreamer packages from the package manager. You will
> lose the ability to use gst-rtsp-server and your compiled gstreamer
> core will be overwritten with what's in the package manager. Figuring
> out the names of every gstreamer package in order to reinstall them is
> a question you should ask to your Linux distribution support channel.
> 2. Compile all the desired gstreamer plugins from source. This will
> overwrite any plugins with the same names from the package manager.
> Also, if you ever allow your package manager to apply a software
> "update" to your gstreamer packages, it will happily overwrite your
> work. To prevent that, you may want to place a "hold" on these
> packages to indicate they should not be upgraded. Again, a question
> for your distribution support. For this option you'll also need the
> development packages of the plugins' many dependencies. Depending on
> how thorough your distribution is, this method could take a lot of
> work.
> GStreamer is just a set of files -- shared libraries, mostly. Treat it
> as such. A "clean install", intuitively, consists of deleting all the
> current files and installing new ones to replace them. If you use your
> package manager, it does that automatically and lets you think of it
> in terms of "installed" and "uninstalled" (an unnecessary abstraction
> for this case). If you compile from source, you're just overwriting
> the files that the package manager claims to have "installed".
> -Sean
> On Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 5:06 PM, Yiliang Bao<yiliangb at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I compiled and installed the latest gst-rtsp-server, and updated gstreamer
>> itself based on the error messages from gst-rtsp-server installation.
>> However, after these steps, I could no longer find some plugins like mad,
>> xvimagesink, v4l2src, etc.
>> I have tried re-installing the latest versions of all plugin packages. I
>> have also tried to remove, then re-install all plugins from Synaptic Package
>> Manager. Got some plugin, like v4l2src, back, but mad, xvimagesink are still
>> missing. autovideosink is there, but some pipleine which works is no longer
>> working. For example:
>> gst-launch v4l2src device=/dev/video0 ! autovideosink
>>>>>>>> Error messages:
>> Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...
>> ERROR: Pipeline doesn't want to pause.
>> ERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstAutoVideoSink:autovideosink0:
>> Could not initialize supporting library.
>> Additional debug info:
>> gstautovideosink.c(373): gst_auto_video_sink_detect ():
>> /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstAutoVideoSink:autovideosink0:
>> Failed to set target pad
>> Setting pipeline to NULL ...
>> Freeing pipeline ...
>> gst-launch filesrc location=Videos/xyz.avi ! decodebin ! autovideosink
>>>>>>>>>>> Error messages:
>> Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...
>> Pipeline is PREROLLING ...
>> ERROR: from element
>> /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstDecodeBin:decodebin0/GstAviDemux:avidemux0:
>> Internal data stream error.
>> Additional debug info:
>> gstavidemux.c(4443): gst_avi_demux_loop ():
>> /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstDecodeBin:decodebin0/GstAviDemux:avidemux0:
>> streaming stopped, reason not-linked
>> ERROR: pipeline doesn't want to preroll.
>> Setting pipeline to NULL ...
>> Freeing pipeline ...
>> Does anyone know why? Is it possible to re-install a clean version of
>> gstreamer?
>> Yiliang
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Also, it may be worthwhile to erase your plugin cache and let GStreamer
regenerate it.

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