[gst-devel] GStreamer in Windows - need alternate stage separator character

Wes Miller wmiller at sdr.com
Thu Apr 22 17:06:55 CEST 2010

In Windows the default behavior of script vars like %myvar%, is for all
instances of all variables to be substituted at the time the script is
invoked.  In other words, variables stop being variable as soon as they have
a value.   

The solution is to turn on delayed variable substitution by passing a
command arg to cmd.exe (usually in the icon's properties).  Our dear friends
at MS, I suppose to keep the expected behavior of %myvar% working as (badly)
designed, decided that delayed ass-gnment vars should be indicated by
enclosing them in !'s instead of %'s.

And that's the problem.  ! is also gstreamer's pipe stage separator symbol. 
In a cmd window with delayed variable assignment turned on, windows sees
them as surrounding delayed variables with names like "! ffmpegcolorspace !"
-- spaces and all.  

So, dear friends in the gst community, is it possible to use a different
separator character with gstreamer?  

If not, who do I ask about adding a new parm to gst-launch that will set a
(different) stage separator char?

Wes Miller

p.s. I suppose I could install a bash.exe and write scripts in bash instead
of windows "shell" language.  Or use Rexx or python or perl.  This was
supposed to be simple.

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