[gst-devel] Selective decoding of video packets

Rohit Atri rohitratri at gmail.com
Sun Dec 19 16:51:51 CET 2010

Come on, guys! Someone's got to know where I'm stuck.
All you GST gurus out there, please help me out.


On Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 9:12 PM, Rohit Atri <rohitratri at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I m writing an application which reads mp4 packets from a file (bin1:
> filesrc->qtdemux->appsink), do some analysis on a set(say 100 - depending on
> the duration of the video) of packets and choose one single packet and send
> it for decoding (bin2: appsrc->ffdec_mpeg4->appsink) and then save this
> image... repeat the process for all packets in the video.
> I've a few questions -
> 1. Are the elements I'm using apt?  and do I've to do some thread
> management since I've to pipelines?
> 2. a. I'm able to receive packets from bin1, do some analysis and send a
> single packet(iFrame) for decoding.. but bin2 doesn't return the packet
> back(the application hangs!)..
> b. When I turn on the logs with level-4, I do get the packet back!!! - so
> it could be timing issue, I suspect.
> c. The bin1 returns say 200 or so packets and the app receives an EOS
> message from it! - why is that?
> 3. Does appsink return packets as and when it receives them or does it wait
> to preroll?
> Please help me understand the situation better. I've hit a roadblock!
> Please let me know if you need some logs...
> Thanks
> Rohit
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