[gst-devel] 2nd GStreamer core, -base and -good pre-releases available

Tim-Philipp Müller t.i.m at zen.co.uk
Fri Feb 5 03:10:38 CET 2010


updated gst-plugins-good and gst-plugins-bad pre-release tarballs are
now available at:


MD5 sums:

160935da5776f83497158e8c13af8cae  gst-plugins-base-
fcb6eb99cab72868df63531c80d8df72  gst-plugins-good-
0efc302e292da542bb202cb75bb6e314  gstreamer-

Changes since previous pre-release:

GStreamer core:
  * gstbytewriter: Fix different function names in .h and .c
  * pkgconfig: don't put -DG_THREADS_MANDATORY into our
    pkg-config CFLAGS
  * init: don't spew warning about late g_thread_init()s if
    GLib >= 2.23.2
  * filesrc: fix typo in warning message
  * pipeline: Take start_time after chaining up to

  * oggdemux: Don't leak allocated buffers
  * playbin2: when no uri is set, post an error message
  * Revert "playbin2: Only allow to set the URIs in states <= READY
    or from an about-to-finish signal handler"
  * adder: don't hold object lock when calling peer elements
  * uridecodebin: clean up decodebin properties, fixes issue with
    redirects (apple trailers, mms to rtsp etc.) in Totem

  * png: fix compilation with libpng 1.4
  * speexenc: prevent invalid arithmetic if not setup yet
  * rtpspeexpay: fix occasional buffer leak
  * speexdec: free some more when resetting
  * matroskademux: fix stream synchronization
  * matroskademux: fix bridging (time) gaps in streams
  * matroskademux: improve stream synchronization
  * speexdec: initialize stereo decoding state
  * flvmux: index timestamps should be in seconds, not milliseconds
  * qtdemux: Fix time returned for index at a byte offset
  * qtdemux: Set the segment start time to the requested seek
    time for non-keyframe seeks
  * videomixer: Fix assembly register constraints
  * jpeg: don't directly access message, some message have args
  * rtspsrc: free transports on errors

As always, please test these thoroughly with all your favourite
GStreamer applications and report any problems, and especially
regressions, in bugzilla by filing a blocker bug.


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