[gst-devel] Using gstreamer to transmit H264 file over RTP

Marc Leeman marc.leeman at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 22:18:47 CEST 2010

> as I pointed out in the previous mail (I'm sorry if I've not been
> clear enough) you need to explicitly set the codec_data parameter in
> the receiving side caps.

No, this is no longer required. If you order the rtp payloader to
remultiplex the config data in the stream; you are fine
(config-interval). IIRC, the version of the good plugins mentioned above
has a bug that basically makes the config-interval inert. You should
have the latest release for this (tested and verified, 0.10.23).

We are currently working on patches to re-multiplex these parameters in
the ES without going through RTP; but the bottom line would be the same
(patches are in bugzilla).

With these patches and using the config-interval parameter will allow
you to stream mpeg4 and h264 in rtp, es, ts/es or rtp/ts and still be
able to pick in on the stream at any arbitrary moment.

  greetz, marc
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