[gst-devel] LADSPA stereo plugins

Remi+ rrouaud at users.sourforge.net
Thu Jun 24 00:39:05 CEST 2010


Stefan  wrote:
>this is all due to some over simplicity in ladspa (and still in lv2,
>outch) - channel pairs cannot be detected (lv2 has a proposed
>extension). In your example above you should not need the audioconverts
>before ladspa-sc4 element. Now sure if you would need yet another queue
>after interleave. If that does not help it could be another bug in the
>ladspa wrapper.
>maybe you could try more variants of the above pipeline to narrow it
>down (e.g. leave out the ladspa-sc4 and just connect the
>deinterleave/interleave ports). And finally file a bug with your findings.

Thank's a lot for your answer.

I'll work around this possible issue.
I'm very busy now, it'll be in July.

Best regards.

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