[gst-devel] Error while loading plugin using gstinspect

Manikanta manikanta.pesala at patni.com
Tue Jun 29 07:04:14 CEST 2010

Hi gstreamer experts,


I created one plugin using boilerplate code and copied plugin in gstreamer
plugin path.

But while loading using gst-inspect isomp3dec  I am facing following errors.


0:00:00.000772934  2819      0x22ad080 INFO                GST_INIT
gst.c:628:init_pre: Initializing GStreamer Core Library version 0.10.24

0:00:00.001118089  2819      0x22ad080 INFO                GST_INIT
gst.c:629:init_pre: Using library installed in /usr/lib

0:00:00.001249600  2819      0x22ad080 INFO                GST_INIT
gst.c:639:init_pre: Linux patni-desktop 2.6.28-11-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Fri
Apr 17 01:58:03 UTC 2009 x86_64

0:00:00.001630934  2819      0x22ad080 INFO                GST_INIT
gstquery.c:105:_gst_query_initialize: init queries

0:00:00.003525378  2819      0x22ad080 INFO                GST_INIT
gstmessage.c:73:_gst_message_initialize: init messages

0:00:00.004208845  2819      0x22ad080 INFO      GST_PLUGIN_LOADING
gstplugin.c:334:_gst_plugin_initialize: registering 0 static plugins

0:00:00.004663023  2819      0x22ad080 INFO      GST_PLUGIN_LOADING
gstplugin.c:250:gst_plugin_register_static: registered static plugin

0:00:00.004774489  2819      0x22ad080 INFO      GST_PLUGIN_LOADING
gstplugin.c:252:gst_plugin_register_static: added static plugin
"staticelements", result: 1

0:00:00.006097912  2819      0x22ad080 INFO                GST_INIT
gst.c:937:ensure_current_registry: reading registry cache:

0:00:00.037918716  2819      0x22ad080 INFO            GST_REGISTRY
gstregistrybinary.c:1308:gst_registry_binary_read_cache: loaded
/root/.gstreamer-0.10/registry.x86_64.bin in 0.031601 seconds

0:00:00.039134583  2820      0x22ad080 INFO                GST_INIT
gst.c:691:scan_and_update_registry: Validating registry cache:

0:00:00.042454628  2820      0x22ad080 INFO                  ladspa
gstladspa.c:809:ladspa_plugin_path_search: 3 dirs in search paths

0:00:00.042528940  2820      0x22ad080 INFO                  ladspa
gstladspa.c:754:ladspa_plugin_directory_search: scanning directory for
plugins "/usr/lib/ladspa"

0:00:00.042583206  2820      0x22ad080 INFO                  ladspa
gstladspa.c:754:ladspa_plugin_directory_search: scanning directory for
plugins "/usr/local/lib/ladspa"

0:00:00.042624273  2820      0x22ad080 WARN      GST_PLUGIN_LOADING
gstplugin.c:422:gst_plugin_register_func: plugin
"/usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/libgstladspa.so" failed to initialise

0:00:00.171682167  2819      0x22ad080 ERROR               GST_INIT
gst.c:901:ensure_current_registry_forking: child did not exit normally,
terminated by signal

0:00:00.171905101  2819      0x22ad080 INFO                GST_INIT
gst.c:980:ensure_current_registry: registry reading and updating done,
result = 0

Error initializing: Error re-scanning registry , child terminated by signal




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