[gst-devel] mov multiple audio

Ivan Zoli ivan.z at tiscali.it
Fri May 21 12:29:57 CEST 2010

> So I guess that Perian is handling multiple channels by mixing them,
> even though I don't exactly know how multi-language channels are
> handled inside ffmux_mov and if any particular atom in mp4 must
> declare they must not be fixed.

Just to be clear, Perian didn't mix the multiple audio channel,
simply let user select wich to play :)

> For a less annoying effect you can use the subtitles channel (aka
> "text streams" for qt file format). With GStreamer, you can write the
> extra infos as text in an external file, use the subparse element and
> mux the data together with the audio/video streams in the final clip.
> You application will then need to parse the subtitles to get back the
> needed metadata. Unfortunately, it looks like very few muxers are
> handling subtitles so far (e.g. Matroska).

Matroska is a good container and I like it, but unfortunally it is too
easrly for it and many "low level" user can't handle it.
I think the the most easy solution is to write the info on a 3rd file.

Thank you!

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