Integrating our jpeg2000 hardware codec inside gstreamer.

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Wed Aug 3 08:54:59 PDT 2011

Hello all,


We are developing a PCI-express board for accelerating JPEG2000 encoding and

We also provide a lot of software applications with our board (streaming
server/client, ingest software, players, transcoders, archiving software.).


A lot of features we plan to create (or have already created) in our
software do already exist in gstreamer. We do not like the idea of
reinventing the wheel and we are now thinking about designing a gstreamer
plugin for our HW codecs to be able to use all the wonderful gstreamer


Since I am new to gstreamer (just read the general doc and plugin writing
guide), before making that switch I would like to ask your advices about
complexity of what we would like to develop:


The product we would like to build is a player GUI for jpeg2000 media (using
our hardware jpeg2000 decoder pciexpress board): 


The media types we would like to support: 

-           1 Sequence of jpeg2000 (RGB or YCbCr) files (multifilesrc), with
a wav audio track (filesrc)

-           2 sequences of jpeg2000 files (2 x multifilesrc) for 3D movies,
with a wav audio track (filesrc)

-           Two Mxfs files (one for video with embedded Jpeg2000 frames, and
another one with audio)


The type of "pipelines" we would need: 

-           Audio played on autoaudiosink in sync with video played on

-           Audio played on autoaudiosink in sync with video played on
external video interface of our board (SDI)

-           Audio and Video played on external audio/video interface of our


The features the gui will have:

-           Playing/pausing/stopping/seeking the content

(and unrelated to gstreamer:

-           Browsing filesystem for content 

-           Manage/save playlists)


Our "clock concern":

-           Our board do have an SDI interface. We would like to be able for
the board to be a "clock provider" when used with this video interface.  

-           If we use alsasink and our board with video output interface, we
would still like alsasink to be chosen as clock and have a mechanism in our
board library to drop/repeat frames to compensate drift between alsa clock
and our board's clock.


My questions:

-           Since our board can act as a "decoder-only" and as a
"decoder+sdi video sink", I guess I should have two elements in my plugin:
"myjpeg2000decoder and myjpeg2000sdisink" ? "myjpeg2000sdisink" would need
to support up to two input pads (for playing 3D content). Is this the right
way to do it?


-           Is this easy for gstreamer to keep my audio/video in sync when
using "unrelated" sources (multifilesrc +wav filesrc  , audiomxf+videomxf, .
instead of the a typical source with one avi file containing audio and
video)? What could happen to this sync if a "seek" is applied on the


-           Since the movie player TOTEM uses GStreamer and it has the basic
features we need (seek, playlist), is there a way to make it run our
pipelines? I guess it would be possible if playbin was aware of how to play
our content ?


-           About performances of "autovideosink": do I have a chance of
being able to play in realtime 1920x1080 @ 30 fps (RGB24 or YUYV) on any of
the videosink provided with gstreamer (a quick test gst-launch videotestsrc
! autovideosink in 1920x1080 is not realtime on my i7 with 6gigs RAM on


-           Any idea, suggestion or other thing you think I should take into


-           What about the complexity of the whole work ?


Many thanks in advance for paying attention to this rather big email. I
would be glad to start using gstreamer :-).


Best regards,



Charles Buysschaert




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