compiling RSO decoder into a .so for gst 0.10.25 on fedora

Erik Blankinship jedierikb at
Fri Aug 5 22:19:56 PDT 2011

I am trying to compile the LEGO Mindstorm RSO audio decoder in
gst-ffmpeg-0-10.12 into a .so.

I want the plugin to be available for the OLPC XO, build os860 (, which
has gstreamer 0.10.25.

On my dev box, I am running fedora15, and I am able to ./configure and
make gst-ffmpeg-0-10.12, and don't seem to get any errors, but also don't
create any .so files. ( I do get lots of .o's though ).

I am unsure of two things:
1. If I compile this plugin, designed for today's gstreamer, will it even
work with 10.25?
2. What am I doing wrong that I am not creating any .so files?
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