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Stefan Kost ensonic at
Tue Aug 9 00:59:21 PDT 2011

On 08/04/11 16:23, gandalfborland wrote:
> In my pipeline I have many elements.
> Sometime I need to remove link between two elements and remove this
> elements.
> But sometimes this element are connect to other. So I need to leave it.
> Decision if I need to remove some element depend on refcount of this
> element,
> I mean if refcount >= 2 element couldn't be remove.
Huh? The refcount tells how many references are the to the instance. It
has nothing to do with being linked in a pipliene or not. Just remove
elements you want to remove.


> The problem is, that if I add element to pipeline an set playing state on
> it, refcount of element increase to 7.
> At the moment when I try to remove it I set only this element to NULL
> state(not pipeline).
> After that refcount increase to 12 but I sure that no other elements use it.
> On the other hand when I set NULL state on pipeline, refcount back to 1.
> How to drop refcaunt of element in pipeline to 1 without touching pipeline?
> Tom
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