Pulling Multiple Streams from One SDP file

William Metcalf wmetcalf at niftytv.com
Fri Aug 12 07:56:10 PDT 2011

I have two SDP files (one for video and one for audio).  I am able to 
use each of these files to play video and audio, but I would like to be 
able to combine these files into one file.  After doing some research I 
was able to accomplish this task, but now I am having trouble pulling 
each respective stream from the file.  When I try to pull the video, it 
works just fine.  But when I try to pull audio, I get a few seconds of 
audio and then the caps show that video packets have arrived and I get a 
linking error for the pipeline.  Does anyone know if there are any 
gstreamer elements available for pulling two streams from an SDP file, 
or does anyone know where I can get an example pipeline to look at?

Thank you very much,

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