Tearing problem

Andreas Rödig a.roedig at null821.de
Fri Aug 12 08:06:54 PDT 2011


If i play a video in landscape mode (compiz vsync=on, nvidia, etc...) it 
looks good (without tearing). But i have some cases were i have to 
rotate the screen counter clockwise (via xorg.conf RandRRotation, 
Rotate) and show a trailer at 1080x1920.

It seems that the nvidia driver then lose all vsync! I do not get away 
tearing on the right side of screen!

So... my idea: i could change my app to rotate all content counter 
clockwise. But... could i do this with the video???
I found "videoflip" at gstreamer plugins. Do this work with fluvasink? 
Or are there some options to rotate the video?


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