Tearing problem

Andreas Rödig a.roedig at null821.de
Tue Aug 16 00:34:49 PDT 2011

Hi Arnaud,

thanks for your answer... but not good news for me...

Linux/Tearing is a nightmare...

I agree with you: landscape with tearing good (but not perfect)... 
portrait mode bad (loosing sync).

Best regards

Am 12.08.2011 17:50, schrieb arnaud tonda:
> Hi Andreas,
> i think it's not possible to use videoflip or other elements that manage
> video/x-raw-**** buffers with fluvasink.
> the reason is that fluvadec and fluvasink manage buffers directly into GPU.
> other elements uses memory buffers.
> if you would use the output of fluvadec with videoflip you should translate
> video/x-fluendo-va into video/x-raw-{yuv,rgb} and you lose benefits of
> hardware decoding.
> i think there is no simple solution for your case, using hardware decoding
> with fluendo decoders or vdpau decoders.
> on my case, in landscape mode, if in xorg.conf a disable composite, streams
> are horrible and i have a lot of tearing on the screen center. if i turn on
> composite, it's better, but sometimes short tearing persist. i don't know
> where is the problem and i haven't found any solution for now.
> Best regards

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