Tearing problem

arnaud tonda arnaud.tonda at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 08:50:49 PDT 2011

Hi Andreas,

i think it's not possible to use videoflip or other elements that manage
video/x-raw-**** buffers with fluvasink.

the reason is that fluvadec and fluvasink manage buffers directly into GPU.
other elements uses memory buffers.

if you would use the output of fluvadec with videoflip you should translate
video/x-fluendo-va into video/x-raw-{yuv,rgb} and you lose benefits of
hardware decoding.

i think there is no simple solution for your case, using hardware decoding
with fluendo decoders or vdpau decoders.

on my case, in landscape mode, if in xorg.conf a disable composite, streams
are horrible and i have a lot of tearing on the screen center. if i turn on
composite, it's better, but sometimes short tearing persist. i don't know
where is the problem and i haven't found any solution for now.

Best regards

Arnaud Tonda

2011/8/12 Andreas Rödig <a.roedig at null821.de>

> Hello,
> If i play a video in landscape mode (compiz vsync=on, nvidia, etc...) it
> looks good (without tearing). But i have some cases were i have to rotate
> the screen counter clockwise (via xorg.conf RandRRotation, Rotate) and show
> a trailer at 1080x1920.
> It seems that the nvidia driver then lose all vsync! I do not get away
> tearing on the right side of screen!
> So... my idea: i could change my app to rotate all content counter
> clockwise. But... could i do this with the video???
> I found "videoflip" at gstreamer plugins. Do this work with fluvasink? Or
> are there some options to rotate the video?
> Thanks,
> Andreas
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