Setting playbin2's current-audio property - when is the right time?

Emile Semmes emile.semmes at
Wed Aug 17 12:04:08 PDT 2011

Hi all,

I'm using the current-audio property of playbin2, but it seems that I'm 
not sending it soon enough. My symptom is that I'll hear a few seconds 
of the default audio track (-1), then it switches over to the track 
requested by current-audio. Currently, I'm switching the audio track on 
the playbin2 element message "playbin2-stream-changed". I've found that 
setting that property prior to reaching the PAUSED state, playbin2 
ignores it completely. Setting it after I perform a set_state(PLAYING) 
yields the same result.

What element message or signal can I trigger off of (via callback) so 
that I can switch the audio track without any perceptible delay? I'm 
looking for a 1-2 video frame delay or less. Also, this is more apparent 
on ARM targets than x86 targets due to processing speed.


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