Encoder Consensus in Gstreamer 0.11

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Aug 19 12:09:37 PDT 2011

On behalf of PiTiVi and Transmageddon, I present a first proposal to unify
encoder properties in Gstreamer 0.11.

Right now, every encoder is a unique special snowflake, so we have the
same core encoder functionality exposed through countless different
incompatible element interfaces.  This is a significant hardship for
gstreamer developers, especially when writing GUI tools.  Currently,
exposing basic, fundamental encoding parameters, like bitrate or quality,
requires special-casing every implementation of every codec.

This wiki page presents a set of encoder properties that cover a range of
basic audio and video encoder features in a neutral, direct way:


I propose that this set of properties become mandatory* for all encoders
in Gstreamer 0.11, to end the present absurdity.


*: To quote the page, "It is not expected that every encoder provide all
of these properties, or that encoders provide only these properties.
Rather, if an encoder provides the functionality described by one of these
consensus properties, it should conform to the consensus property and not
invent its own incompatible property. For functionality not covered here,
encoder developers are free to invent any kind of new property."
"Mandatory" means that nonconforming encoders won't be accepted into -good
(or maybe even -bad).

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