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Wesley J. Miller WMiller at sdr.com
Tue Aug 23 06:12:29 PDT 2011

On 08/22/11 23:53, Wesley J. Miller wrote:

On 08/22/11 19:42, Wesley J. Miller wrote

Where are you missing them. I can see them:

They are coming from the baseclass.


I looked here: http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/data/doc/gstreamer/head/gst-plugins-good-plugins/html/gst-plugins-good-plugins-udpsink.html

After searching for udpsink not multiudpsink.

okay baby steps:
1.) you look here: http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/data/doc/gstreamer/head/gst-plugins-good-plugins/html/gst-plugins-good-plugins-udpsink.html
2.) while you don't see the signal you are looking for do:
  2a.) go to parentclass in the [Object Hierarchy]. GstUdpSink is-a GstMultiUDPSink is-a GstbaseSink is-a GstElement is-a GstObject is-a GObject.


Thus I know the answer to what should be my original question, why does GST-INSPECT show it while the online docs do not.  GST-INSPECT knows to follow the family tree uphill.

However, this does raise the question, why wouldn't the online docs also show the same information.  Surely the automated stuff that produces the online docs could either follow the tree or at least list links to the tree.  I, and our fellow gentle readers, now know — are reminded — to climb the family tree, but newvies don't know this and won't likely find this post without a bit of luck.  Could the lowest level docs at least mention that other properties and signals may be availabe?  Or better "…available here ->http://whatever"?



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