Question gstreamer support Vobsub (.idx+.sub)?

bcxa sz at
Wed Aug 24 03:13:55 PDT 2011

Hi Developer,

Sorry, to send this mail again because the previous one is bigger with
attacment. This mail I removed the attachment.

I have one ts file, with .idx+.sub (vob subtitle).

I can playback this ts with subtitle by VLC.

But I can not playback with gstreamer.

And my tested command is:
gst-launch playbin2 file:///mnt/test.ts suburi=file:///mnt/test.idx


gst-launch playbin2 file:///mnt/test.ts suburi=file:///mnt/test.sub

I can not see subtitle with both above gstreamer test commands. Please
give me suggestion on Vobsub (.idx+.sub). Let me know it is supported
by gstreamer or not.

best regards


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