problem with developing by using "gstxoverlay"

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There should definitely be ffmpeg elements in the beta version. I would delete the gstreamer registry (typically something like C:\Users\<account>\.gstreamer-0.10\registry.i686.bin) and re-run gst-inspect.

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Subject: problem with developing by using "gstxoverlay"

I got stuck in gstxoverlay
I am developing a program with Ossbuild on Windows.
the release Ossbuild version is 0.10.6, but the gstreamer version of it is 0.10.28, I can not use gstxoverlay.
gstxoverlay is unveiled after 0.10.29
the Ossbuild beta is 0.10.7, the gstreamer version is 0.10.31, it 's pretty profect with my requirement, except there is no ffmpeg elements in beta version.
I really need some helps~

thanks all
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