[GST-DEVEL]Using xvimagesink playing video in a fullscreen

Wesley J. Miller WMiller at sdr.com
Tue Aug 30 04:44:02 PDT 2011

Ok, first question:  does the gstreamer portion of your application work?
It sounds like gstreamer is doing everything it is supposed to do up to
and including talk to the display window and sending you an EOS.  It
really sounds like this might be a gtk problem, not a gstreamer one.

Now, I fully admit I know NOTHING about gtk or graphics in general,
however, I have some questions that might give you a clue.

Is your gtk app using the main loop in your gstreamer app as its main
loop.  If so, stopping the loop in the EOS handler also stops servicing
the windowing stuff.  Perhaps you need to do all your window manipulation
before leaving the loop.

Is the "black hole" really "still" there.  If you managed to kill off the
contents of your output window, but the one behind it was full of black
nothing, killing you app's window is going to leave you looking through it
at blackness, or more likely, at just nothing which the video system
interprets as black.  Try a test where you send additional output to your
app window.  If it hasn't been destroyed you should either see something
else paint in the window or, at least, get back status/error messages.
Also, try painting to or refreshing the underlying window (container?).
Is it stuck waiting on a nudge to get it going?  See if the loop servicing
the gui is still running.

As I said, this sounds a lot more like a gtk issue than a gstreamer one.



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