[GST-DEVEL]GStreamer RTSP Server use case

Gottardi, Victor (ON19) Victor.Gottardi at Honeywell.com
Tue Aug 30 13:54:06 PDT 2011

Wes, I want two different URIs. For example:
For low bandwidth applications, the client would use the low-res stream.

I'm not sure if it's possible to select one stream if both are added to
the same URI as in:
Clients are typically not that smart. For example VLC would open an
extra window in this case (not implying that VLC is not smart, quite the

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>Consider an IP camera. I'm looking for a way to provide two video
>with different resolutions or codec settings using the RTSP server. The
>video comes from the same source and therefore the streams are in the
>pipeline. How to map these two different streams to two different RTSP
>using rtsp-server?

Just being curious/dumb, do you have multiple endpoints (i.e.
in your pipeline?  Something along the line of

     ... Complex-pipe ! tee name=t
       t. ! low-res-pipe ! rtpwxyzpay pt=100
       t. ! higfh-res-pipe ! rtpwxyzpay pt=101

So that the low and hires streams are sent out as different payload
 Of course, this is going to be a single URI not two.  Did you want two
URIs?  I think the gstrtpbin in the receiver program ought to be able to
separate the payload type and gives you back two streams.

This idea is based on the rtsp example program test-video.c in the
/examples directory of the rtsp source package.

Of course I could be all wet.....



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