GStreamer RTSP Server use case

Wim Taymans wim.taymans at
Tue Aug 30 14:19:27 PDT 2011

On 08/30/2011 09:55 PM, Victor Gottardi wrote:
> Consider an IP camera. I'm looking for a way to provide two video streams
> with different resolutions or codec settings using the RTSP server. The
> video comes from the same source and therefore the streams are in the same
> pipeline. How to map these two different streams to two different RTSP URIs
> using rtsp-server?
> Looking at the source, it looks like RTSP server was not designed for this.
> It assumes that each URI maps to a standalone pipeline. Is this a true
> limitation? (Wim Tymans, this question is directly addressed to you :-) The

This is not true: an URI maps to a media factory, which is responsible 
for creating a media object that provides the streams. The factory 
receives the URI to do this and can reuse the same pipeline for multiple 
media objects if it wants.

What you want to do is use the uri to configure the pipeline with 
different codec settings (use tee to send the video stream to multiple 
encoders with different settings) and create a media object from it. For 
that you would need to make a subclass of the media-factory object.


> source is quite complex and some of the classes allow subclassing and
> customization. It's not clear to me at this point how I can work around this
> problem. Any help is appreciated.
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