Pango errors?

wally bkg wb666greene at
Wed Aug 31 05:45:38 PDT 2011

Any idea how to fix these?  I'm getting these "randomly" a third or fourth
time I run my program on some systems:

Pango-WARNING **: failed to create cairo scaled font, expect ugly output.
the offending font is 'DejaVu Sans Mono 18'
assertion failed: (face)

(rtEyeTracker:1899): Pango-WARNING **: font_face status is: invalid matrix
(not invertible)

(rtEyeTracker:1899): Pango-WARNING **: scaled_font status is: invalid matrix
(not invertible)

I'm using three gsttimeoverly elements and setting some static text labels
using the "text" properties of the elements. I'm using default fonts and

It seems pretty random as usually when  restarting the program it doesn't
happen next time.  Is there something I need to do when shutting down my
pipeline to prevent this the next time the program runs?
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