VA plugins?

Tony Houghton h at
Mon Jul 4 16:27:01 PDT 2011

On Tue, 5 Jul 2011 00:42:23 +0200
arnaud tonda <arnaud.tonda at> wrote:

> I was facing the same problem. the "not negotiated" error. in fact, it
> seems that the gwenole's decoder wan't some mandatory informations on
> demuxer caps (height, width, framerate). it seems that original
> demuxers (matroskademux, mpegtsdemux) don't provide these
> informations. it's not the case if you try to construct a pipeline
> with ffmpeg demuxers like ffdemux_mpegts or ffdemux_matroska_webm.
> with these demuxer the video play fines.

That should be useful to know, thanks. I'm using decodebin2, so I guess
the easiest thing to do would be to increase the rank of the ffmpeg
demuxers, or move them to the head of the list in "autoplug-sort"

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