'Scaletempo' and it "rate" property

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Thu Jul 7 10:37:54 PDT 2011

On 06/28/11 09:44, Victor henri wrote:
> Hello to all
> Is there please a simple example oh how to use the 'scaletempo'
> element? I'm aware thata there is documentation at the 'bad-plugins'
> directory, but this is an example in four files and seems very
> complicated, when I just want to know how it works basically; the
> trick seems to be at the "rate" property that cannot be changed
> directly with 'g_object_set'
Yes, it seems that you will need to send seek-event that change the
rate. To bad that seek-events need a start-position (me wants seek with
both positions being NONE to just change the rate).

> I have made a simple 'equivalent' of scaletempo by combining 1) the
> change of speed in 'g_seek_event' and 2) the pitch element that
> changes in a proportional opposite way; it works.
> But I understand that the "overlap", "search" and "stride" are very
> interesting and allow to compensante for the 'loss of quality' due
> essentially to the slow down of the reading. My app implements those
> quite simply and the demo seems very confuse to me. Is there a simple
> 'skeleton' or basic demo about this?
> Thank you
> Victor
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