Raw video continually scrolls vertically when played

Josh Doe josh at joshdoe.com
Thu Jul 7 17:29:23 PDT 2011

Usually whenever I have scrolling (digital) video it's because the height,
width, or gap between frames is slightly off. However if it's analog video
it could be some other issue, like not using the correct mode or some other
funny timing issue.


On Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 5:22 PM, William Metcalf <wmetcalf at niftytv.com>wrote:

> I have an application in C which uses the DeckLink API to capture video
> from my Intensity Pro capture card.  I take each video frame and put it into
> a queue, and then I push that queue to a gstreamer pipeline using the appsrc
> element.  I take each of these raw frames from the pipeline and write them
> to a file.  Whenever I try to play this file I get the video that I have
> captured from the cards, except that it is continually scrolling vertically
> on the screen.  I am almost sure that I have my parameters right because the
> picture is perfect except for it scrolling vertically.  I am not sure if
> this is specifically a gstreamer question, but has anybody else ever run
> into a problem like this or know what could be causing this problem?
> Thank you very much for the help,
> William
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