How to force video encoder to generate first frame as I-frame

Umakant Goyal umakantgoyal1 at
Sat Jul 9 12:14:47 PDT 2011

Hi All,

I have written a application where i am receiving the data from network
(over RTP), transcoding it and dumping the data into file. Application is
working fine as such means i am not able to receive the data, transcode it
and dump it into the file. But It has one serious issue. Issue is that most
of the time first video frame is not coming as I-Frame. There are chances
that my application is getting P-Frame as first video frame  (because there
is possibility that peer end has started sending data before i got ready to
receive it. I also can not force peer end to start sending data whenever my
app is ready to receive). So in that case file that is being recorded by my
application contains green screen at the start. This gives bad impression.

Can some one share how i can i force the transcoder to generate first Frame
as I-Frame even if it is getting P-Frame as first frame?

Thanks in Advance
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