Gstreamer on Windows - Python26.dll missing

Wesley J. Miller WMiller at
Mon Jul 11 11:38:41 PDT 2011

Hi All,

I just attempted to install the latest gstreamer from OSSBuilds.  Install was easy enough.

Next I tried a plain old gst-launch at a command prompt.  I was told that the program can't find python26.dll.

So I went to the python site and had the choice of downloading 2.7 or 3.?.  I wen't for 2.7.

Gst-launch still complains about Python26.

So, first, what is the problem?  DO I reallyo need a specific release of PythonXX.dll?

Does the Windows GST really need all of Python, or just one dll?  Can I recover all that disk space I wated on Python 2.7?  I speak no Python though thanks to gstreamer examples I've read a lot of it.

Thanks in Advance,

Wes Miller


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