Gstreamer on Windows - Python26.dll missing

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The problem is that python in the 2.x period required linking against a
specific library and so you see the problem of needing to build against
multiple python libraries under Windows since you never know what the user
may or may not have installed.

I believe there's 2.7 support in the repo. now - it just hasn't made it into
a release.

Windows doesn't need python at all - that's strictly for python bindings. I
don't believe the normal installer includes the python bindings - you have
to download the SDK for that. And the SDK installer has feature selection
where you can opt out of installing the python bindings. I'd just reinstall
the SDK without the python bindings and you should be good to go.


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Hi All, 


I just attempted to install the latest gstreamer from OSSBuilds.  Install
was easy enough.


Next I tried a plain old gst-launch at a command prompt.  I was told that
the program can't find python26.dll.


So I went to the python site and had the choice of downloading 2.7 or 3.?.
I wen't for 2.7.


Gst-launch still complains about Python26.


So, first, what is the problem?  DO I reallyo need a specific release of


Does the Windows GST really need all of Python, or just one dll?  Can I
recover all that disk space I wated on Python 2.7?  I speak no Python though
thanks to gstreamer examples I've read a lot of it.


Thanks in Advance,


Wes Miller




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