Has Anyone Been Successful in Streaming From Gstreamer to a Wowza Server in Windows?

Nicolas Bouillot nicolas at cim.mcgill.ca
Wed Jul 20 12:40:12 PDT 2011

On Linux yes, maybe the following can help for windows. But you need
anyway to have your data encoded to h264/aac.

With the rtsp server, you can try the following (it worked for me with
./test-launch "( audiotestsrc ! audio/x-raw-int, endianness=(int)1234, \
signed=(boolean)true, width=(int)16, depth=(int)16, rate=(int)48000, \
channels=(int)2 ! queue ! faac ! rtpmp4gpay name=pay0 videotestsrc ! \
video/x-raw-yuv, format=(fourcc)I420, width=(int)640, height=(int)480, \
framerate=(fraction)15/1 ! queue ! x264enc bitrate=500 ! rtph264pay \
name=pay1 )"

Then wowza can forward (by repacking) this RTSP stream:


On Wed, 2011-07-20 at 14:04 -0500, William Metcalf wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have been reading through various forums on the Internet, and it seems 
> that many people are having problems using GStreamer to stream a feed to 
> a Wowza server.  Some posts seem to show that people have been able to 
> stream a feed and are having problems with syncing issues, but most 
> posts seem to show that people are having a very tough time trying to 
> get a feed to stream correctly.  I am just wondering if anybody on the 
> forum has actually been able to successfully stream video and/or audio 
> from a gstreamer application to a wowza server, and if so, what elements 
> you used to accomplish this task.  Also, if you have not been able to 
> connect gstreamer to wowza successfully, has anybody been able to 
> connect gstreamer to any other streaming media service such as WMS or Helix?
> Thank you all for your help,
> William
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