alsasink in 2 pipelines?

magic144 mark.barker at
Fri Jul 22 15:22:08 PDT 2011

fundamental question here

if I have 2 pipelines running on each platform, 2 enable multi-platform
communication via a multicast channel, thus:-




what is the best (and most direct) way to establish a feedback (sidetone)
channel from speaker (mic) to the local headphone - presumably I will want
to 'tee' the alsasrc output from pipeline 1 and direct it to an alsasink

a) to make sure the most direct path is used, I don't want the local
speaker's packets on the multicast loopback (udpsink loop=false)
b) do I need to somehow connect pipeline 1 to pipeline 2 to achieve this so
as not to create duplicate alsasink elements, or is can I have an alsasink
element in both pipelines

does this make sense - what is the best way to proceed and what are the
issues to consider??

so far I've only created pipelines via 2 separate gst-launch processes - is
it possible (and does it even make sense) to run both pipelines from a
single gst-launch? should these even be treated as separate pipelines??
presumbaly, in software I can create and operate both pipelines from a
single executable process...

thanks in advance for any/all help


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