RTSP Server Windows

Pampolini Matteo matteo.pampolini at selexelsag.com
Wed Jul 27 23:44:42 PDT 2011

Hi William,

I have your same need, I tried to find something already done without
success, so I managed to do all the changes by myself and just yesterday
I was able to see RTSP server working fine on Windows.

Unfortunately RTSP server architecture doesn't seem to fit Windows
constraints (in particular RTSP source is not woken up when an RTSP
packet is received, though the socket is connected) so I had to insert a
completely different code in case of Windows only. I'm aware that
probably it's not the best solution, but it works and it took me not so
much time to achieve this.

I can send the package directly to you or, if RTSP guys prefer, I can
put it in a public place, warning again that has to be tested a little
bit more, and surely you can help me on this.

Please let me know,


On 07/27/2011 05:08 PM, William Metcalf wrote:
> Hello all,
> Has anybody been successful in getting the gst rtsp server to build in
> Windows?  I am currently working on converting it myself, but I just
> wanted to make sure there was not a working version already available
> out there.  Having the RTSP server on Windows would be very helpful for
> forwarding a stream through a streaming media server like WOWZA.
> Thank you,
> William
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