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Donny Viszneki donny.viszneki at
Wed Jun 1 05:44:33 PDT 2011

Capturing audio at a position will not be very useful. Capturing audio
in a specified range will be more useful.

In Gstreamer it is critical to use the correct terminology: What are
known in common parlance as "video files" typically are files which
interleave multiple media streams. So your only challenge appears to
be: write a program which will extract audio from a multimedia file
within a given time range.

You should learn GStreamer basics, but this doc in particular may help:

2011/5/31 Dmitriy <dvfdsv at>:
> Hi fellows!
> I work with SpaceWire-networks, and I was asked to arrange the transfer of
> video on the SpaceWire for same demonstration of oportunites and fps.
> Aaaaand, I have a problem: I never use gstreamer.
> In general, I need to capture frame and corresponding piece of audiotrack
> from the specified position in video file.
> Could somebody suggest what i need to use for this operations?
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