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Sun Jun 5 14:11:24 PDT 2011

Am 02.06.2011 17:20, schrieb Dmitriy:
> Thank you Donny for your answer.
> It seems, you haven't understood me.
> Look, I deal with network and so I need to transfer video-stream (video-stream -
> from video file .avi .mkv etc) from same Transmitter to same Receiver. And
> general problem : form the packet. To form the packet Transmitter need to
> capture frame (might be multiple frames) and corresponding range of audio, after
> put this stuff in the packet and send to Receiver.
> After that, happy Receiver receives this packet, writes and starts(continues) to
> play.
> Don't ask me why I capture exactly one frame. Say me, if you know, how to do this?

Donnies advice was correct. In your case you don't capture, you want to stream
media from a stored files starting from a certain time position. Thus you stream
the video and do a seek on the stream.

Please go and read through the docs to get on the same page with us on the


> Thank you
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