How to play/stream satelite radio in AAC?

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Thu Jun 9 04:46:03 PDT 2011

2011/6/2 Robert Szelepcsenyi <robert at>

> [...]
> For a standard mp2 satellite radio station I use something like this:
> gst-launch -v dvbsrc polarity="h" adapter=2 frequency=12565000
> symbol-rate=27500 ! mpegtsdemux
> es-pids=880:881:882:1920:883:887:888:889:886:2563:2564:2565:1928:2560:1927:1
> 925 name=demux  demux.audio_0370 ! queue2 ! mad ! audioconvert ! lame !
> shout2send ip=localhost port=8000 password=hackme mount=rs
> However, when I tune into a HE-AAC coded radio and replace "mad" with
> "faad", the stream does not work.
> I tried to capture the stream into a file and play the file with VLC. It
> worked.


this looks like it could be a bug in the mpegtsdemux element. The element is
part of gst-plugins-bad and it actually had problems like this before (with
other formats). What happened is that its output buffers had some extra
garbage bytes prepended, which can confuse downstream elements of course.
Maybe VLC skips over that.

I suggest that you open a bug report and attach a short sample file that can
be analyzed. Just replace mpegtsdemux ... ! ... with filesink
location=dump.ts, run gst-launch with -e option and Ctrl-C after some

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