Insert different children into the same parent in GtkTreeStore?

Phong Cao phngcv at
Thu Jun 16 10:19:25 PDT 2011

Hello everybody,

I am trying to write a music manager software that import the files
according to artist and album. Each artist can have many album and each
album can have many songs. Therefore, I decided to use GtkTreeStore to nest
all the same-album songs into one parent (the album) and all the same-artist
albums into one parent (the artist). Here is the screenshot of the software:


The problem here is, as you can see, I could not insert the albums with the
same artist under that artist, and songs with the same album under that
album. I wonder how can I achieve this? I tried to create a GtkTreeIter to
iterate through the tree and compare the name of artist/album in the
TreeStore with the artist/album I got from the stream but that did not help.
Can anyone suggest any better way?

Thank you for reading my message! I hope you guys have a good weekend!

Best regards,

Phong Cao,
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