don't know how to handle video/x-gst-fourcc-dvhp

David Schleef ds at
Thu Jun 16 11:06:14 PDT 2011

On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 12:55:02PM -0400, jin wrote:
> Hello, I was able to implement a workaround to get ffmpeg to handle video/x-
> dv. I'm sorry I could not provide you with the sample of video due to the 
> sensitive nature of the contents (movie industry), but I will file a formal 
> bug with the sample attached if I get a clearance to provide you with one.
> Overview of the solution
> 1) (in gst-plugins-good)
> - qtdemux.c: qtdemux_video_caps
> add 
> case GST_MAKE_FOURCC ('d', 'v', 'h', 'p'):
> just below 
> case GST_MAKE_FOURCC ('d', 'v', 'h', '6'):

Please create a patch and put it in a bugzilla bug report.

> (This alone will make libdv plugin to pickup the dvhp codec, but the video 
> output is all jumbled up when using libdv plugin. I was not able to verify if 
> it is a problem on gstreamer's libdv plugin of on libdv libraries itself)

It's a problem in libdv, it only supports 25 Mbit/sec DV.  We need to
add a field to the video/x-dv caps to indicate the variety, and then
make the libdv-based plugin disallow the ones it doesn't support.  (I
can do this, just remind me in the bug report that you'll be filing

> so that ffmpeg will be flagged as a primary handler of video/x-dv codec



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