gstreamer with nfs home drive and ldap authentication

Malcolm Moore st-malcolm.moore at
Fri Jun 24 04:07:28 PDT 2011

I seem to have a problem, thus:-
OpenSuse 11.4 with kde 4.6.4 (32bit)
Machine authenticates users from a Suse ldap server and
gets it's users home directories from a NFS4 server via autofs
Everything works fine except sound

Sound for root works fine ( as it is locally authenticated and has local home )
All users get the KDE dum de dum startup sound OK
however unless I prefer xine as the backend over gstreamer in the KDE
phonon configuration  most apps  like flash in browsers vlc umplayer 
etc don't have any sound

As root the pulse audio volume control works but as users
I get connection refused.

This may be nothing to do with anything this lists deals with but
I am getting really desperate here.. any advice would be appreciated


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