Pre-release of gst-ffmpeg

Edward Hervey bilboed at
Sat Jun 25 04:18:14 PDT 2011

Hi all,

  I've just rolled out a (much needed) new pre-release for gst-ffmpeg.

  The tarballs are available here:

776f2b9629988fc08402e07dab970b20  gst-ffmpeg-
148473a17d5231ce06b1bc8ebf236a3b  gst-ffmpeg-

Ubuntu users will also be able to test these pre-releases by using the
GStreamer PPA (as soon as they get uploaded there).

Please test them thoroughly with all your favourite apps, and let us
know of any regressions or other important issues by filing blocker bugs
in bugzilla:

Further pre-releases will follow as needed. If all goes well, expect
final release in 7 days (Saturday 2nd July).

 * This new (pre-)release will only be supported for the 0.7 branch of
the libav code (which is the version included in the tarballs).

Happy Testing !


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