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Ashwini Sharma ak.ashwini at
Mon Jun 27 22:48:52 PDT 2011

Hi All,

  I am writing an mediaplay application in which i have to use GStreamer
decoders to decode data and send it back. For the purpose I am going to use
*"appsrc ! decoder ! appsink" *. Where decoder can be a specific decoder or

I will be reading the file, demuxing it and then send the demuxed packet to
GStreamer decoder part as described above. Here I want to know few

   1. Does the  decoder in gstreamer output a complete Frame or is it
   partial data? I assume it to be a complete frame... please correct my
   2. Can I know from the output buffer/frame (at src pad of decoder),
   whether it is a Key-frame or not?
   3. Is it possible to check whether the complete frame can be
   generated from the given demuxed data or does it require more?
   4. Is there any way to get the PTS of the decoded frame?

Please help, as this is urgent for me.

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