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Now I am study GStreamer. 

When I read the GStreamer Application Development Manual, I did not
understood below figure.



In that figure, my question is why do not running time rest to 0 in replay
start position.


Related to GSreamer clock I found another documentation.

In GStreamer 0.10 Core Reference Manual I found that when reset to 0
running time.

You can click site.

You can read below sentence.

“When the pipeline goes to READY or a flushing seek is performed on it,
the running time is reset to 0.”

“When sending a flushing seek event to a GstPipeline (see
Element.html#gst-element-seek> gst_element_seek()), it will make sure that
the pipeline is properly PAUSED and resumed as well as set the new running
time to 0 when the seek succeeded.“


So in my opinion running time is rest to 0 in replay period.

Is that right?


Please reply to me.


Thank you.



이흥렬 드림


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