playbin2 with MJPEG streams over http: long delay before playback starts, and buffering delays on each frame

Hoyt, David hoyt6 at
Thu Jun 30 17:56:08 PDT 2011

> I'm using GStreamer version 0.10.35, and gst-plugins-good-0.10.30.  What version was the single-stream property added in?

It appears that it was committed before the gst-plugins-good 0.10.30 release, but 0.10.30 was just a minor bump from 0.10.29 with a few cherry picked patches. So even though it was committed before the 0.10.30 release, it's not included in it. Apparently it seems it will be available in the next major release. For now, you could compile from git.

See dated May 25, 2011 and then dated June 15, 2011. Look at the source in the tree for the 0.10.30 release and you'll see the property isn't there: 

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