On the fly video editing

raul cordeiro holanda raulhcordeiro at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 10:22:15 PST 2011

Hi all,

I already know that gstreamer has video editing capabilities because i
see that PITIVI use it.
I'm studing how to edit videos with gstreamer and i already has a
guess - GNonLin plugin - but i decide to ask them
if i'll can do what i need and i think here is the best place to
discover! Below i say what i need and what i already do.

I has a aplication that generates frames for me and i need implement a
fixed time size video on memory (no file) - in form of a sliding
When my app receives a event notification (a mouse click i.e.), they
need flush this video to file on disk.

1) implement a pipeline that connect my app and gstreamer (with appsrc
plugin); this is OK (tested and validated)
2) implement the video encoding on a give format; this is ok (tested
and validated)
3) implement the sliding window; (how to do that? some simple
examples? to help me start?)
4) Monitor a evento to flush the sliding window to a file on disk (i
already has ideas for this, but tips is always good and welcome!! =)

Below is a single sketch to show what i need.

       video's sliding
          window on
                        video file
                         to disk!!

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

Raul Holanda Cordeiro
Celular: +55 (85) 8863-6877
Celular: +55 (85) 8805-3592
Skype: raulhcordeiro

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