Building a pipeline to merge two audio tracks, use a video track, and add a watermark

Matt Veenstra matt at
Thu Mar 24 11:24:26 PDT 2011

You can do all of this in python if you like.  C of course as well.

We have a setup that does similar on a server.  It will take some time
getting this going.  But it is not so bad.

First build you simple path's in python with gstreamer.  Then start
adding the dynamic gnolin elements.

We use "coglogoinsert".  To add the png watermark.


On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 10:51 AM, Ayron Jungren <ajungren at> wrote:
> I believe so, but I can't find any documentation, save for
> which doesn't seem to contain any documentation about the actual
> pipeline elements. Am I missing the docs somewhere else?
> On a somewhat unrelated note, I neglected to mention that the program
> always will input two FLVs (and as noted an alpha PNG), and output a
> FLV, so there's no need to muck about with file type detection.
> Ayron Jungren
> On 3/24/2011 1:47 PM, Frans van Berckel wrote:
>> Would the GNonLin plug-in fits what you are looking for?
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