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> (Sorry for my english)
> Hi, i made some research about this, and finally i have some ideas to
> accomplish this.
> First: I have an application using OpenCV to get the camera frames then
> make some image processing and show this in the screen. Now i need to send
> this images (the result) over the network to see the result in other (or
> others) devices (maybe using HTML5 video tag).
> Reading i finally decide to use gstreamer to make the streaming part, but i
> don't know how can i put the OpenCV images (frames for the camera) in a
> buffer to stream that with gstreamer.
> So, finally i read about appsrc.
> This can be used to push data into a gstreamer pipeline right?
> So if i can push the OpenCV data into a pipeline i can use the streaming
> capabilities of gstreamer and see the result in other device.
> Am I correct?
> Any example of how can i do that?

Don't know if it will help you, but i worked together with a friend of mine
on a simple code that captures video using gstreamer, process the data on
OpenCV (actually it detects faces and draw an rectangle around them using
OpenCV Haar features)  and them pushes the processed OpenCV data on another
pipeline, using appsrc. The code was just a test of how OpenCV Haar works
and how to integrate it with Gstreamer, so it is a mess (lots of commented
code and even some commentaries on portuguese)...but maybe it will help you

The new_buffer callback should interest you, it basically process a buffer
coming from a appsink (pipeline1) and them pushes it on appsrc (pipeline2).

Best regards,
Tiago Katcipis

> A OpenCV image is basically a matrix containing the information of the
> image, so i need to push this matrix into a gstreamer and stream.
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