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Matias Hernandez Arellano msdark at
Fri Mar 25 17:19:18 PDT 2011

(Sorry for my english)

Hi, i made some research about this, and finally i have some ideas to accomplish this.

First: I have an application using OpenCV to get the camera frames then make some image processing and show this in the screen. Now i need to send this images (the result) over the network to see the result in other (or others) devices (maybe using HTML5 video tag).

Reading i finally decide to use gstreamer to make the streaming part, but i don't know how can i put the OpenCV images (frames for the camera) in a buffer to stream that with gstreamer.

So, finally i read about appsrc.
This can be used to push data into a gstreamer pipeline right?

So if i can push the OpenCV data into a pipeline i can use the streaming capabilities of gstreamer and see the result in other device.

Am I correct?
Any example of how can i do that?

A OpenCV image is basically a matrix containing the information of the image, so i need to push this matrix into a gstreamer and stream.

Matías Hernandez Arellano
Ingeniero de Software/Proyectos en VisionLabs S.A
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