Memory leak in liveadder?

E-J van der Linden EJvanderLinden at
Thu Mar 31 10:36:57 PDT 2011


I'm using the following gst-launch command

gst-launch-0.10 -v udpsrc port=5000 caps="application/x-rtp,media=(string)audio, clock-rate=(int)44100, channels=(int)2, payload=(int)96" ! gstrtpbin ! rtpL16depay ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! liveadder ! alsasink

When I check the memory usage of this process (using top), I see the memory usage increases from 1.2% to 8% when streaming one mp3.
The memory "leaks" only when the data stream is active.

Can anybody help me or tell me what is wrong?


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